Digital 21 & Stefan Olsdal answered us about their 2020, the first Made for humans'
album and the near future:

Best of 2020:

Digital 21: Musically, the beginning of our second band. Now we can focus on the vocal
tracks for "Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal" and on the instrumental tracks for "Made For
Humans". This Made For Humans; first album has been a huge part of this year, locked
away in the studio.

Stefan Olsdal: We had a good chunk of time to make and record music. Made For
Humans was created and we released our first album.

Worst of 2020:

Digital 21: The pandemic. All the broken families around the world. Heartbreaking.

Stefan Olsdal: Covid 19, and the people it robbed us of.

Made For Humans' Favorite Song:

Digital 21: "Algebra Of Being" and "Open Forest".

Stefan Olsdal: ¨Undersea¨ and ¨Liquid Moon¨

Favourite Made For Humans Image:

Digital 21: The collage of our string quartet (photo by Javier Alonso and Marina Sanz)
and the stars plus a painting of planet earth. It shows in just one image our band
without showing ourselves. And it is an image with sound. Something I always loved
since I was a kid.

Stefan Olsdal: They are all beautiful to me. One of our listeners made a collage of
them all together which to me created a combined image of a peaceful escape.
Something that I think was welcome this year.

Why this name; Made For Humans?

Digital 21: We have our names in the main band, so we had to search for another
name. We had a lot of possibilities. We think this is a name open to different
interpretations (like our instrumental music) so we thought that it is perfect for our
instrumental band. That way each one can think of their own interpretation as to why
we use this name...

Stefan Olsdal: Band names are hard to find, but this one kept calling out to us. I think
it is an open name and a welcoming one.

Why a video of Australia's bushfires?

Digital 21: Because it's very sad that most of the bushfires are caused by humans. It
was very painful to see it live on the internet. And when we wrote "Open Forest",
months after this, there were other big fires in the USA and Spain and many other
places again and again. It is so silly to destroy the forests and the air we need to
breathe, and the world we need to live...

Stefan Olsdal: I think it serves as a reminder of what we sow, we reap.

A wish for 2021?

Digital 21: End of the pandemic, please.

Stefan Olsdal: Peace of mind.

Upcoming concerts?

Digital 21: For now "Atlas weekend festival" (Ukraine), "Park Live Festival" (Russia),

"Sonorama Ribera Festival" (Spain).

Stefan Olsdal: Same as Digital 21, hoping for more.

A memory of your hometown?.

Digital 21: Thinking of my dear Málaga is always thinking of my beloved parents. I miss

Stefan Olsdal: One meter high snow during winter in Stockholm.

Social nets?

Both: We don't have "Made For Humans" socials... To save time we useour main band

Any recommendation of the Made For Humans Townsend store? Favorite item?
Digital 21: My favourite item from the store is the big canvas of the cover of our
album. It is the first time we have such an item and I love it.

Stefan Olsdal: It has got be the canvas.

What will be next for your 2 bands? (and, Stefan, for your 3 bands?)
Digital 21: 2021 is gonna be, hopefully, a busy year for us. We will release our second
"DIGITAL 21 + STEFAN OLSDAL's" album. It is gonna be called "COMPLEX" and it will be
released in April 2021. We will release singles from this album from the beginning of

Stefan Olsdal: We had to postpone the release of Complex from 2020, so I am looking
forward to that finally being released this year.

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